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More Here Eye now runs on iOS! Support the game on Epocu!

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More Here Eye is now also available for free on the Apple Store, along with Google Play and Windows Phone 8! Now that the game is released these three mobile platform we’re ready to work on future updates that will include:

Playable Tutorial
1 vs 1 Local Multiplayer
New graphics!

We’ve also launched a support campaign for the game on Epocu! Step inside to take a closer look and see the new features that will come and, if you liked our game, show us your support with a single click!

Now it’s time to RUN! RUN! RUN!

More Here Eye lands on your favourite mobile store!

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more here eye, free, game, android, windows phone 8

Ahoy there!

We’re proud to announce that More Here Eye has launched on Android and Windows Phone 8! So, RUN! RUN and challenge your friends on Facebook right away!

From the very first moment during Global Game Jam 2014 we’ve been looking forward to bring More Here Eye to a wider audience, so to share the fun we had developing it in those amazing 48 hours we spent among the other 100+ jammers in Rome.

Mind that this is only the beginning! We have lots of features that we want to implement in further versions of the game. So stay tuned!

Also, our composer Luca has put up a SoundCloud profile for Lonely Crew, where you can listen to all the amazing songs he produced until now!


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